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Relocation Reminders:

1. Beds will be disassembled and loaded last. You can stay in your own home until the day of loading.

2. Do not forget to have customer-owned telephones packed. This is something that should be done at the last possible moment.

3. Change of address forms should be sent to the post office and all subscribed to periodicals.

4. Insurance policies should be transferred. Do not leave valuable or important papers, i.e. tax forms, birth certificates, bonds, etc., to be packed with the household goods.

5. Notify the gas, electric and phone companies to discontinue service. The utilities should not be turned off until after the load has been completed, and phone service should be discontinued at the last possible moment.

6. Arrange to have children’s records forwarded to their new school. Also obtain copies of health and dental records.

7. State and City departments should be notified regarding the transfer of any motor vehicles.