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Things to remember on interstate Pack Day:

1. Plan to be at home and make yourself available to the movers the entire day of packing. Packing times may vary depending on the amount of packing that is required for your move.

2. For the comfort of the children, it is often helpful to have them stay with friends or relatives during the relocation process.

3. Have your refrigerator emptied and defrosted prior to loading day. Pack day is the perfect day to accomplish this!

4. If the packers are to pack high value items, such as silver, works of art, furs, etc., we recommend that you make yourself available to view the packing of these particular items. Do not expect items such as money, jewelry, coin collections, etc., to be packed, as Stevens Van Lines cannot accept responsibility for these items.

5. We cannot pack any perishable food items, flammables, aerosols, or corrosive liquids. Please refer to

the "Non-Transportable Items" page for a complete list. Please make other arrangements for the transportation of these items.

6. Items you will be taking with you should be segregated so the crew does not pack them in error.

This would include all medications, important documents and any items needed while enroute to destination.

7. Check drawers, cabinets, and closets in every room for items that may have been missed during the packing.

8. If you have any questions regarding the packing of your household goods, please contact your move coordinator.