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Non-Transportable Items

Combustible Liquids

Rubbing Alcohol

Antifreeze Compounds


Any Type of Combustible Cleaning Material

Gases, Compressed

Gases Used in Welding

Scuba Diving Tanks (Unpurged)

Propane Tanks (any kind)

Fire Extinguisher

Corrosive Liquids
Rust Preventative
Automobile Batteries (Not Part of Auto)
Household Batteries
Darkroom & Pool Chemicals

House Plants

Any Kind


Black Powder,

Dynamite, Plastic, or Similar Explosives


Ammunition (any kind)

Primers Adhesives (Glues, Cements)
Aerosol Cans
Ammonia & Cleaning Fluids

Weed Killer (pesticides in general)

Gasoline/Diesel Fuel/Motor Oil

Hand Signal Flares


Lighter Fluids/Charcoal/Sterno


Oil-based Paint Removers

Stain, Lacquer, Varnish

Paint Thinners

Liquid Polishes

Any other hazardous materials as defined by the U.S. Department of Transportation (49 CFR 100-185).

It is recommended that all food items, whether they are fresh, frozen, dried or canned, be considered as perishables and excluded from shipping.

Special Notice: Please note that Stevens Van Lines is not liable for loss or damage to documents, currency, money, jewelry, coin collections, stamp collections, or collections of any type, as we cannot accept these items for shipment. It is necessary that you make other arrangements to transport these articles.