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Things to remember on interstate Load Day:

1. Please have yourself or your spouse available the entire day of loading for questions about items during Loading.

2. Make travel arrangements for your departure for the day after loading.

3. Plan on leaving all utilities on until the day following the loading of your household goods. As communication is key during any relocation, having a phone that is working is invaluable.

4. All interstate moves are inventtoried (This does NOT include local moves) Check the inventory to see that you agree with the notations made by the driver as to the present condition of your furniture. If there is a discrepancy, please make a note of it on the same inventory sheet.

5. Items of extraordinary value that are being shipped by the movers, such as antiques, works of art, etc., should be noted separately on the hi-value inventory, along with their value.

6. Walk through the house, garage, and yard to make sure nothing has been missed once the loading has been completed.

7. On the day of loading, make sure the driver and your move coordinator are aware of how to reach you enroute and at destination.

8. If you have any questions regarding the loading of your household goods, please contact your move coordinator.