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Things to remember on Delivery Day

1. To ensure that everything that was loaded at origin is delivered at destination, you must check off

the inventory yourself. Ask that the driver and helper call off the inventory numbers that are on each box and piece of furniture then mark them off on the inventory as called.

2. Check the condition of each piece as closely as possible upon delivery to your home. There is a column on the inventory for you to note any exceptions or missing items.

3. In the event you should have any missing or damaged items, call your move coordinator as soon as

possible and they will initiate the claim process and begin a trace on the missing items. Upon receipt of the claim form, complete it as soon as possible and return in the self-addressed stamped envelope. If you have any questions about completing the forms, do not hesitate to call your move coordinator.

4. Boxes that contain items of high value, such as silver, works of art, etc., should be unpacked immediately and checked for concealed damage.

5. The driver is responsible for setting up the beds and reassembling any items that were disassembled at origin. This would not include hanging pictures or other permanent wall fixtures.

6. If you wish to have unpacking performed, please advise your move coordinator prior to delivery so arrangements can be made.

7. If Stevens does the unpacking, we are responsible for removing the empty boxes and paper. If You

choose to do your own unpacking, debris removal may be available. Contact your move coordinator to inquire about this service.

8. If you have any questions regarding the delivery of your household goods, please contact your move coordinator.